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Hotel Matisov Domik
Hotel Eurasia
Hotel Na prospekte Kima
Hotel Rinaldi na Nevskom 105
Hotel Rinaldi na Chernishevskoy
Hotel Amulet na Petrogradskoy Storone
Hotel Atmosfera
Hotel Best Corner
Hotel Vladimirskiy 2
Hotel Amadeo
Hotel Eliseev Palas
Hotel Korall
Hotel Marco Polo Saint-Petersburg
Hotel Baskov
Hotel Dinastija
Hotel Renessans Sankt-Peterburg Baltik
Hotel Grand Emerald
Hotel By the Hermitage

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Hotel Siti Komfitel

Nearest metro station: Ligovskiy Prospekt
DBL (rubles): 2900
Address: Ligovskiy prospekt, 249
Contacts: +7 (812) 346-5070
+7 (812) 346-5071
( ? ) This hotel is on free placing, therefore detailed description and photos are inaccessible to viewing. More about prolongation of paid placing you can read here.

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